Cat Training and Behaviour Articles


Calming a Stressed Cat

There are many natural and therapeutic options to help relieve stress

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Indoor Games To Play With Your Furry Friend

Dogs and cats were born to be athletes, workers and powerful hunters, but through thousands of years of evolution we […]

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Pets as Presents

Think carefully before adding a new furry family member

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How can I stop my cat from counter-surfing?

Q: My cat won’t stay off our countertop and is getting into the bread, what do I do? – Sarah […]

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Five Weird Cat Behaviours Explained

Cats do their own thing – everyone knows that. But most cats do some of these ‘things’ below and often […]

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Proper Hydration for Cats

  Do Your Cats Have a Drinking Problem? They wouldn’t be unusual if they did. Cats evolved in a desert-like […]

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Pet Myth Busters

Just like the Mythbusters television show, there are a lot of ‘truths’ about cats and dogs that are more myth […]

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Adopting a Kitten or Cat?

Adopting a new cat is very exciting but before you go and pick up your new pet you need to […]

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What is your cat trying to say?

Do your cats talk to you? Many cat owners find that some of their cats are chatty, others are quiet, […]

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