Groomingdale’s pet spas provide you with professional grooming services right in your local store. The convenience of the location, coupled with the friendly, personalized service make Groomingdale’s the right choice for your pet’s next trim! Check the Store Locator for the closest Groomingdale’s to you.

Taking your dog for a professional groom is a necessity that feels like a luxury. Simply make an appointment, drop her off at the store, and return to a clean, fresh-smelling pooch with a sleek, shiny coat, trimmed nails and more. The luxury is having somebody else deal with the shampoo, the clippers and the dog shaking water everywhere. We’re trained to deal with all of these things, so you don’t have to worry.

For your dog, the benefits include a clean, soft skin and coat. Her nails will be trimmed to a comfortable length, and the hair will be out of her eyes. And the hugs and kisses you give him after her grooming session will be a reward all their own.

In addition to a standard bath and trim, we offer these types of services: nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, feet trim, face trim, skunk bath and flea bath. Some groomers also offer services for cats, small animals and birds.

Pricing varies by store so contact your local Groomingdale’s experts for more information on their services and pricing options.

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