How can I make nail clipping easier?

Q: My cat hates getting his claws cut, what is a quick and easy way to do it?
– Emily B.

Answer: Fear of nail trimming is common among dogs and cats. Some pets have had a nail cut too short (have styptic powder on hand to stop bleeding should that happen), others just don’t like the feeling. Make a point of touching your pet’s paws more often (say, while you are both chilling out and watching TV) without reaching for the nail clipper, offer treats at first, but then just make it part of his petting routine. Let them know that you touching his feet is nothing to be afraid of.

When the time comes to trim always work with a buddy – have one person hold the pet and calmly pet him or her while the other trims. You might even consider giving your pet a natural Calming supplement before nail trim night.

You can also try a nail grinder, though it takes a little longer than a clipper, some pets seem to not mind the grinder as much as the clippers. If you’d rather leave it to a pro, lots of our stores offer nail clinics for a small fee or donation to a local pet cause. Check out our event calendar to see if there’s one for you.

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