Meet Memphis

2016-05-13 10.32.00The friendly feline face on our June Adoption Posters this month is Memphis. Memphis comes from Winkler, MB, and was adopted by one of our Pet Experts, Tiana. We spoke with Tiana to learn more about Memphis, and how he found his Forever Home.

Can you tell us a little about how you met Memphis?

I work at the Winkler Pet Valu store and he was one of our foster kittens. We saw an ad online about a kitten that was found by a skate park that had a bad back leg and they were trying to find the owners. The rescue our store partners with, Feral Feline Fetchers, contacted them and took him in to see if they could help the little guy and that is how I meet Memphis.

Memphis was nearly adopted, but it didn’t work out, when did you know he was the cat for you?

I fell in love with him very early on but I think everyone did because he just has that personality that you can’t help but love. Even after multiple painful surgeries he just wanted love and gave so much more back. There was a point where I couldn’t think about him going to anyone else because he had so many specific needs that needed to met to have a good quality life. When I decided that I was going to fill out a form I found out another adopter was accepted already. It didn’t work out in the end for the pervious adopter, and that day he became mine.

What is Memphis like at home?

He is a very energetic kitten. He loves to play with toys, my three other rescued cats, and uses my dog as his personal jungle gym. Memphis is a total clown, he LOVES to snuggle and give lots of kisses. From all the cats I have met he is by far the most social.

What are Memphis’s favourite things from Pet Valu?

The Nekochan Flies wand and attachment bugs or Carnival feather wand are by far his favorite toys to chase around and up the cat trees at home. Boy does this cat also love his food, he is very quick to notify me when it is supper time. His favorite foods are GO! Sensitivity + Shine Grain Free Freshwater Trout & Salmon Recipe, the Nutram Total Grain-Free Cat Salmon & Trout Recipe and the Performatrin Ultra stews wet canned food.

If you could give advice to people considering adopting a pet this National Adoption Weekend, what would it be?

Make sure the animal you are looking to adopt matches your lifestyle and energy level. Fall in love with their personality and not just how they look because it is the personality that you will bond with and be with. If you have other pets make sure their energy levels and personality match also, so they will all get along and have a forever bond. Make sure you can afford and provide your pets with a biologically appropriate food so they can feel good, live long and prosper.

Join us for National Adoption Weekend, June 10, 11, & 12, 2016.


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