Fungus Cure Fish Medication

Quickly and effectively treat saprolegnia fungus infections and control contagions with Fungus Cure Fish Medication. Fungus Cure Fish Medication treats a variety of fungal and secondary bacterial infections in fish, fungus (Saprolegnia spp. & Achlya spp.), mouth fungus (Cotton Mouth Disease), Body Slime & Eye cloud and Fin & Tail Rot infections. Saprolegnia fungus infections like eye fungus, mouth fungus, body slime and fin and tail rot are caused by dirty aquarium conditions and overstocked tanks with dead and decaying organic matter. Fish that are sick or injured and eggs are especially susceptible. These infections can cause liver, kidney and brain damage. In eggs, it can cause damage to internal organs and deeper tissue. Symptoms include cottony or white patches on fish. Fungus Cure Fish Medication is formulated with hydrochloride to quickly control contagious fungus and help prevent the growth of fungus on fish eggs prior to hatching. This medication will cause a slight discoloration of water which can be easily removed by using activated carbon in the filter. It can also be used to treat secondary bacterial infections, simply remove the carbon or filter cartridge and add manufacturer's recommended amount directly to the water. Use two packets every 48 hours when symptoms of fungal diseases appear.


ITEM # 40648 : 10.0 PK

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