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A gray and white dog jumps to try and catch a frisbee in its mouth.
A gray puppy watches another dog jump for a frisbee.

Fight the
effects of

with new Hill’s® Science Diet®
Youthful Vitality

For pets 7+

Scientifically developed to help support your dog or cat’s ongoing vitality through increased:
Activity Interaction Mobility

Now available at your local Pet Valu


Formulated with ingredients to help

brain icon

Brain Function

Powerful antioxidants for a healthy brain to support desire for family interaction

active dog

Energy and Vitality

Protein and L-caratine support ability to get moving, plus interest in activity and playing

digestive icon

Healthy Digestive System

High quality, easy-to-digest ingredients with great taste

skin and coat icon

Luxurious Coat

Fatty acids promote a coat with increased softness

Is it time for your pet to switch to a mature adult food?

Here are the Tell Tail Signs of Aging from Hill’s® Science Diet®



Your pet is now confused by ordinary things, like how to find their bed



Naps have become more appealing than playing or exploring



Your pet doesn’t socialize with you as much as before


Loss of Control

Your pet is well-trained, but has started having accidents


Sleep-Wake Cycle

Sleeping patterns have changed, with more awake time during the night